Fanø Kite Fliers meeting

Fanø is home to Europe's biggest kite event. It started as an idea from Wolfgang Schimmelpfenning who decided to organize a kite fliers weekend on Fanø in 1985. Together with 27 other people, they formed the 1st Fanø kite fliers Meeting with kite flying, BBQ, beers, slide shows and positive vibes.

Since then, it has been evolved into an international, though non-commercial grass roots event. Within the last 17 years, up to 5,000 kite builders and kite fliers, primarily from Europe, but also from USA, Australia, China and Japan come to the island to experience and support the event.

The official 3-days event ends with a great party and a kite auction where the revenues are earmarked to charity. The kites are flying for about 2 weeks over Fanø’s sky and the result is magnificent.