Fanø Kite Fliers Meeting 2017, 15-18 June 2017

The history of kites stretches over thousands of years, originally started from China and then spread around the world. Fanø celebrates the kite tradition in Europe hosting The Fanø Kite Fliers Meeting, an annual event that takes place on the island in the middle of June since 1985. Every year thousands of kites adorn the island’s sky that offers a unique experience to visitors and locals. 

Nonetheless, this year it is going to be special- celebrating the 150- year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Japan, the 2017 Fanø Kite fliers meeting is ‘Japan’ themed. Kites are culturally significant in Japan and they have been part of Japanese life for centuries. Japan's kites are among the most spectacular in the world, giving a great aesthetic pleasure to the audience.  Twenty four famous Japanese kite makers and kite artwork executives will come to Fanø to show their outstanding technique and contribute into making the event memorable.

Here you will have the opportunity to admire and learn about six Japanese kite traditional styles that represent different regions in Japan. In addition, kites made by Danish artists, special kite art exhibitions, kite making workshops, kite flying, kite auction and other interesting happenings will occur in the island from 11-18 June, shaping a festive summer atmosphere of cultural exchange in Fanø. 
What are you waiting for? Come and join us in this fantastic international kite celebration!!! 

Japanese world-class art at Sønderho Art Museum!

From Monday 12th to Sunday 25th June, you can experience world-class Japanese art at Sønderho Art Museum. Two private collectors have loaned a total of 26 so-called Ukiyo-e artworks. Ukiyo-e is the print of woodblock, popular during 17th and 18th century. Favored motifs were of nature, shunga images (erotic motifs), portraits of Kabuki actors, sumo, geishas and illustrations of Tokyo's city life and people. Among the Japanese artworks exhibited, there are Ukiyo-e made by Hokusai and Hiroshige, the most well-known Ukiyo-e artists. 
Japanese art has had a decisive influence on European/Western art- not only in French impressionism, but also Vincent van Gogh and Gauguin had been inspired by the Japanese woodprints. Van Gogh had a collection of Ukiyo-e and, among other things, painted a version of Hiroshige's "One Hundred Famous Views of Edo (Tokyo)". In Denmark, Japanese art influenced primarily Art Nouveau style in the beginning of the century. Related to Fanø, Johan Rohde is connected with this artistic genre.
Visitors can also admire the famous poster from Fanø Norsøbad, which was inspired by the Japanese artist Hiroshige's woodblock printing " The Sea at Satta in Suruga Province " (1858), brought by the Design Museum of Denmark.
There will be an opening celebration for this special exhibition on Monday 12th June, at 13.00, at Sønderho Art Museum (Fanø Kunstmuseum, Nord Land 5, Sønderho).

Yours sincerely,
Poul Therkelsen, Tourist Manager
Fanø Tourist Office

Danish art on Japanese kites

As part of the big kite celebration on Fanø , 12-18 June, eight Danish artists have made paintings on Japanese washi paper (special kite paper). During the festival, the Japanese kite builder Hiromi Endo will transform the danish artworks into kites.

The Danish artists that participate in the project are: Anders Brinch, Uffe Christoffersen, Margit Enggaard, Jacob Gadd, Rene Holm, Andreas Schulenburg, Sussi Trampedach and Anne Aarsland.

From 15 June to 24 June, the kite artworks will be exhibited at Fanø Efterskole, Vangled 32, in Nordby. Afterwards, they will be in exhibitions at the Danish Embassy in Tokyo, Fanø Art Museum in Sønderho and Overtaci Museum in Aarhus.

When the ‘journey’ of the kite artworks will be completed, they will be auctioned on The profits from the sale are donated to Overtaci Museum, which is both an Art Museum and a Psychiatric Historical Museum.

Together with the exhibition of Danish art on kites, there will be a large exhibition of Japanese kites by Malcolm Goodman’s collection. The British kite flyer and maker, Malcolm Goodman, has acquired kites from all over the world - 80 of those will be exhibited at Fanø Efterskole.

The exhibition will be open from 14 June to 24 June, 10:00- 15:00.  Free admission